Kevin Corey

Kevin R. Corey - President

Kevin R. Corey is a Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University and a retired Police Chief. He is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran, a graduate of the FBI NA 228th, and a published author (Core Redemption). Kevin has served in the business, nonprofit, and municipal industries for over (40) years. He attained his master’s degree in human resource management/Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. He served as a member of the Ohio Police Chief Association and the Hamilton County Police Chief Association. He has over (35) years of Servant/Leadership experience. He has served on several municipal organizations, such as the Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission, the Fire/Police City/County Credit Union Board, and as the former founder and Statewide President of the Indiana School Resource Officers Association (INSROA). He is a supporter of Youth Sports as well. He remarks,” I try to recognize God’s authority in expanding or limiting my influence based on my obedience to His word and the stewardship of His gifts.”  Kevin is also an ordained clergy.